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Full Tang And Partial Tang


Many knives do  not lend  themselves to a  true full tang. However, good handmade knives have a tang that goes back at least 2/3 of the length of  the blade. Most factory made knives can not achieve this.

DKC Knives Releases Over 200 New Models

 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/12/prweb1391695...DKC Knives™ Announces Over 200 Models Of Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Hunting KnivesShare Article USA based custom handmade knife manufacturer has announced a dramatic line up of handmade custom Damascus steel knives. "We are proud to announce over 200 models that are available to the public," stated Paul Gordon, President of [...]

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Best Gifts For Husband, Boyfriend, Brother, Son DKC Custom Handmade Knife

We all have faced the dilemma of trying to find that perfect gift for that special guy. Guess what turns out to be just the right gift ? A custom handmade knife. Knifes have a special place in guys hearts. A custom knife is cool to look at, admire, show friends, keep on your desk..and [...]

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History of Laguiole Knives

History[edit]The ancestor of the laguiole is most likely the Arabo-Hispanic clasp knife of Andalusian Spain, the navaja.[1][2][3] Migrations of men, particularly shepherds and cattle herders, between Catalan Spain and southern France in summer and winter introduced the navaja to Aveyron.[2] The Arabo-Hispanic design of the navaja was merged with that of local folding knives represented [...]

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History of Damascus Steel

Damascus steel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFor Damascus Twist barrels, see Skelp. For the album of the same name, see Damascus Steel (album).Close-up of an 18th-century Iranian forged Damascus steel swordDamascus steel was a type of steel used in Middle Eastern swordmaking. Damascus steel was made from wootz steel, a steel developed in India around 300 [...]

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