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DKC Knives Releases Over 200 New Models

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DKC Knives™ Announces Over 200 Models Of Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Hunting Knives

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USA based custom handmade knife manufacturer has announced a dramatic line up of handmade custom Damascus steel knives. "We are proud to announce over 200 models that are available to the public," stated Paul Gordon, President of DKC Knives. "It has taken us several years to put together an extensive collection to bring to market."

While there are many knife companies, very few specialize in Damascus steel knives. The manufacturing of Damascus steel is a specialized process that involves several types of steel folded or welded together. The end result of the process is dramatic blade patterns that knife collectors love. While today's Damascus steel process is different than the original wootz steel that dates back many centuries, the current practice of "pattern welding" is well accepted as the modern day approach. While the actual facts about original Damascus steel are fraught with speculation, one thing remains constant. There is a great mystique surrounding the original steel and its use in sword making.

Today Damascus steel knives are coveted by knife collectors around the globe. Custom Damascus knives can cost thousands of dollars. "DKC Knives was founded with a mandate to bring reasonably priced handmade Damascus folding pocket knives, and fixed blade hunting knives to the public at very reasonable costs. Today DKC Knives can be purchased for a relatively modest cost of $60 to $300," said Gordon. DKC Knives has a growing list of collectors that own many of the company's models.

At this time DKC Knives is offering its knife collection direct to the public through it's on line web site http://www.dkcknives.com. While both men and women buy and collect knives, the DKC line up has been a tremendous hit with women wanting an incredible gift for their husband, boyfriend, or a special loved one. "Knives are a guy thing, no doubt about it," said Gordon. "But we see more and more women building up large collections of knives." Knives are works of art and can be enjoyed for a lifetime and be handed down to younger generations.

DKC Knives is based in Castro Valley California. The company website is http://www.dkcknives.com. DKC Knives can be follow on Facebook as well as Instagram.


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